John Bloggs

A family man with 3 young children. A home owner, working in the encription and financial sector. John has a degree in Information Technology and a Masters in Applied Maths from Univercity Colege Ireland*.

Jim Bloggs.

A scientist with a Masters in Biotechnology and a degree in Information Technologh from Univercity Colege Ireland*. Working for a large multi-international company as a standards engineer. Jim purchased his home in 2006.

James Bloggs

Having spent a long period of his life working at technical sales for a number of large Mulit-international technology companies, James has continued his education and completed his degree in Information Systems.

Jack Bloggs.

Also graduation from Univercity Colege Ireland*, Jack is a qualified engineer. He is also an entrapanure and inventor. Jack is a Managing director of a company. He has a degree in Energy Systems Engineering (Mechanical) and specialises in Wind Turbines and wave energy. Jack is also a family man, with one child but is renting accomodation at the moment.

Who We Are

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What We Do

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What People Are Saying

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