Founding Speech By Des O Malley

Statement by Desmond O’Malley TD

Press Conference at 25 South Frederick Street, Dublin 2, on Saturday 21st December 1985 at 12 Noon

I am today giving notice of my intention to seek support for a new initiative in Irish politics. I do so publicly because I believe that to work in secret towards this end would retard the process of change and endanger it.

I am addressing all democrats of goodwill who share my beliefs and my confidence that the face of Irish politics can be transformed. I am asking for their support in building a new progressive democratic force in Irish politics. I am confident of its success. I believe that the people will give such support to our venture that it will command a substantial voice in the next Dáil.

I cannot today formally launch a new and complete political party; rather am I calling now for support in building one from the ground up. I am not at this stage putting forward definitive and detailed policies. These must await the full establishment of the party and be drawn up as its organisation is built up. My general views are well known however. I particularly seek the active involvement of young people who have so much more to lose if drastic improvements are not brought about in the economy and in Irish society generally. Together we can build such a party in the next few months and in that way give a voice to the new politics which this country so badly needs.

While this task may seem daunting to some, I am confident it can be accomplished with success. Conventional Irish political wisdom may advise against it as it often does against worthwhile change. To achieve progress in any field risks must be taken. For myself I am prepared to take them.

No one man or woman can achieve much in politics alone. I am asking ordinary Irish men and women who share my approach to politics and my aspiration to renew our society in a genuinely republican mould to join with me in the “Progressive Democrats” and to lend their hands to this task.