John Bloggs

A family man with 3 young children. A home owner, working in the encryption and financial sector. John has a degree in Information Technology and a Masters in Applied Maths from University College Ireland*.

Jim Bloggs.

A scientist with a Masters in Biotechnology and a degree in Information Technology from University College Ireland*. Working for a large multi-international company as a standards engineer. Jim purchased his home in 2006.

James Bloggs

Having spent a long period of his life working at technical sales for a number of large Multi-international technology companies, James has continued his education and completed his degree in Information Systems.

Jack Bloggs.

Also graduation from University College Ireland*, Jack is a qualified engineer. He is also an entrepreneur and inventor. Jack is a Managing director of a company. He has a degree in Energy Systems Engineering (Mechanical) and specialises in Wind Turbines and wave energy. Jack is also a family man, with one child but is renting accomodation at the moment.

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Who We Are

We are a technical group established in January 2014 with the idea of running 5 candidates in a single local election

We have prepared a manifesto and have outlined our talents throughout this website. Please read as much as you can about our candidates and chose for yourself if we have the knowledge and "know how" to run you constituency better that the government are "running" it at the moment.

What We Will Do

First of all, we'll "Keep our Promises". Unlike Fine Gael and Labour. No one one forgets a liar!

  • Medical Card Reform
  • Water Charge/Property Tax Reform (Already !!!)
  • Employment for disadvantaged areas
  • Better Local amenities
  • Education is "The Answer".

What People Are Saying

Some local people who support us and our ideals.

  • "5 candidates can make a change to our local community"

    Jane Doe, CEO of Corporation
  • "It's time we stopped voting for the same few parties!"

    John Doe, President of Buisiness
  • "A Sea-Change in Irish Politics"

    Mary Smith, Home Maker.